Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To The New Movement

Dear Jordan,

Caviar and cadavers...stupid.
New York and France...stupid.

Why don't you just try to be the next flarf?
Why not aspire to all the depth of a Thunder Cats marathon?

There was already an American Decadence
(not decadents...stupid), in the 1920's, in the late 1800's,
in a time of uprising decadence,
not in this new era of American decay.

Face it, America and France are
in a state of late dementia. Their demanic people are
a farce, a joke, or worse,
American. There's no money,
no hope, just booze.

Get rich and get famous
and then what? Retire?
Your as clever as an a-hole
the only movement you're producing
is in your bowels.

All you do is consume your own fecal falsities.


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